Products for Screw Press Application

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    Hot, warm forging in general, cold forging of thin plate, powder compacting products, straightening and Casting forging.

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    Target Material: All kinds of steel material including stainless steel. 

    Aluminum (including A4000).

    titanium, magnesium, brass, copper, bricks, tile, etc.

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    Forging Product Example

Aircraft component turbine blades, specific bolts
Automobile component engine valve, differential gear, bevel
gear, synchronizer gear, rear axle shaft,
propeller shaft end, piston,
safety belt metal, air conditioning part,
axial gear, uneven pitched rack,
locker arm, transmission lever,
Two-wheel component dog gear, half crank, piston,
connecting rod,
Bicycle component crank
Heavy industry Hook, Wheel
Hydraulic &pneumatic Valve body, Various joints
Gasworks propane valve, burner head,
and various joints
Waterworks ball valve, gate valve, water meter,
various joints, drain flange,
bathtub component, flange nut,
water faucet hardware
Housing component knob component
Wristwatch watch case, rear lid, wristband
Sewing machine connecting rod
Electric appliances air conditioner valve,
magnesium part, various terminals
Fastener large diameter hot forging bolt, T-bolt,
iron tower component, railroad nail,
railroad component
Leisure goods golf head, golf iron, fishing reel
Kitchen appliances aluminum bowl, spoon, knife,
fork, cooking knife
Accessories, craft art tiepin, button, accessory, buckle,
badge, medal, name plate,
doll decoration, shrine&temple goods,key holder, handcraft goods, trophy
Cutlery scissors, medical appliances,
wrought tool, glasscutter, nail clipper,
bottle opener
Miscellaneous various hand tools, brick, tile

Forging Samples from Screw Press

  • スクリュープレスの加工品
  • スクリュープレスの加工品
  • スクリュープレスの加工品
  • スクリュープレスの加工品
  • スクリュープレスの加工品
  • スクリュープレスの加工品
  • スクリュープレスの加工品
  • スクリュープレスの加工品

Magnesium Thin Plate Hot Forging Samples

  • マグネシウムの加工製品例
  • マグネシウムの加工製品例
  • マグネシウムの加工製品例
  • マグネシウムの加工製品例


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