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Company Profile

Representative Yoshio Enomoto
Head office &
1-1-5 Machiya, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-City, Kanagawa-Pref., 252-0101 Japan
Establishment 1915
TEL +81-42-782-2842
Bank of account Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Sagamihara branch
Bank of Yokohama, Hashimoto branch
THE KIRABOSHI BANK, Nihonmatsu branch
Main products Screw press (20-2000 tons)

Servomotor screw press (150-2000 tons)

Our Motto・Mission

Keep and transfer Japanese traditional manufacturing technology & Craftsmanship


Corporate identity

Three arrows
  • Constant development of technology

  • Open/Pioneer/Extension new market with new technology

  • Encourage Young engineer to enable both above

Corporate policy

  • Polish observaiton eye

  • and Step/Move forward from normal

  • then Cut waste that.



Company History

1915 Founded by Mr. Shintaro Enomoto as a name of ENOMOTO IRON WORKS at Kudan downtown Tokyo.
Main products was Forming machinery and attachment of the machine.
1949 Production was re-started after the 2nd World war at Fuchu City suburbs of Tokyo, since
Ikebukuro factory in down town.
1954 Reorganized to ENOMOTO IRON WORKS CO., LTD.
1966.May ENOMOTO MACHINE TRADING CO., LTD. was founded at Jimbo Cho Chiyoda Ward Tokyo
by Mr. Fukuyoshi Enomoto as a sales part company of ENOMOTO products.
1968.Jan Enomoto Machine Trading's SHIROYAMA factory was founded in Kanagawa Pref. Shiroyama
Town, and started to produce smaller size machine in order to support Enomoto Iron works.
1979.Oct Enomoto Machine Trading's SHIROYAMA 2nd factory was founded.
1982.Nov Enomoto Machine Trading's main office was moved from down town Tokyo to SHIROYAMA Factory.
1984.Jan Due to the urban location of Enomoto Iron Works shop, operation became difficult and
Enomoto Machine Trading merged Enomoto Iron Works.
1984.Oct Enomoto Machine Trading's SHIROYAMA WELDING SHOP was founded at Shiroyama Town
Kanagawa Pref.
1988.Sep ENOMOTO MACHINE CO., LTD. was separated/founded from Enomoto Machine Trading Co., Ltd.
as a machine production company.
1988.Dec Enomoto Machine Co., Ltd. started operation.(After some years, Enomoto Machine Trading Co., Ltd.
has been closed)
1999 Own apartment "ENOMOTO INTERNATIONAL HOUSE" was founded for the overseas trainee.
2001 Received the prize "Small/Medium size company's new machinery Development" for Servomotor
driven Screw Press. Released "Engine valve fully automated extrusion system".
2002 Released "Servomotor driven screw press model 500ZES".
Released "Direct Motor driven Screw Press model 150DS".
New technology by the Screw press for "Creation of High tensile Magnesium Alloy".
2003 Presentation for "Strategic Project for Research Train Stronghold" by Tokyo Univ. High
Technology Research Center.
2004 Released "Servomotor driven Screw Press 800ton model 800ZES".
2007 80% of the production becoming Servomotor driven type.
2008.Jun Authorized by the Kanagawa Pref. Model Factory.
Released "Fully automated Brass Cored Forging Unit, 300ton machine".
2009.Feb Registration for "Employment Opportunity offer 1400 companies in Japan".
2009.Jun Released "Rear Axle shaft Forging Line".
2015.Feb 100th anniversary. Moved to new factory nearby.
2016 3 position Die fully automated Forging system by Mirror CNC Robot announced.
2017.Mar 「Rising SMEs / 300 companies」awad 2017 by the Ministry of Economy.
2017.Jul New release, CFRTP High speed forming Screw Press model 160RES.
2017.Jul New release, Helical gear with crowning Extrusion forming press model 70SHP.
2021.Jan New release, Lower Position Control Screw Press 

Overseas installation machines

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