Servo 300ton Full auto Brass Cored Forging Press has been released 06.2008

  • 2008.06

2008chukuwebCored Forging Fully automated unit by 300 ton Servomotor driven Screw press with cored sub-press, Loader, Unloader and heater released to the market. The unit has been in operation at one of the Japanese user factory.
Cored Press is usually using at Brass hot forging. During the process of forging, horizontal holes are processed by horizontal punch. Raw material volume can be drastically reduced.
As well, since there is hole already, after machining process can be reduced. Totally production cost will be very much down and many of forging company is giving attention for this unit.
Cored sub-press with Die cushion is independent unit and it will be installed on to the machine bed. It causes foundation pit less.
Servomotor driven screw press is maintenance less as well this cored unit is also easier to the maintenance.
In the past some decade, many overseas unit was installed in Japan but due to the high maintenance cost, many of the user is thinking to replace them to this new servo screw press unit.

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