Received the Best Forging Engineer Award from the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity 6.2023

  • 2023.06

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        June 2023 Yoshio Enomoto, President, received the “Best Forging Engineer Award” from the Forging Subcommittee of the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity. He was presented with the Kudo Memorial Gold Medal.

  The gold medal was manufactured by OROBLON, and the medal was cold forged by SHOEI on our 200t press.

  The 200-ton press is a hydraulically driven screw press, Model 200HS, which President Enomoto designed 40 years ago as the latest version of the friction-type press.

  Orobron is also a long-time customer of ours and has delivered a variety of silver products to the imperial family.

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