New release, CFRTP High speed forming Screw Press model 160RES

  • 2017.10

160RES 2017
CFRTP pre-preg sheet heated over melting temperature of resin
by IR heater is transferred into dies by CNC Robot.
Heated pre-preg sheet on the lower die which is controlled
in optimum temperature is formed at high speed over 100mm/s.
At the most lower position of Ram, formed sheet is closely kept between dies
by specially designed stopper and cushion,
cooled down and then extracted by CNC Robot
from lower die after retreating of upper die.
Optimum forming speed control by use of screw bolt mechanism enables
the short cycle forming of pre-preg sheet. (Under Patent application)

Capacity: 1600kN
Ram speed: ~500 mm/sec
Stroke length 250mm

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