From Horizontal to Vertical, Rear Axle shaft forging line new method, Servomotor driven Screw Press fully automated line released 06.2009

  • 2009.06

1250new211215Vertical type Servomotor driven screw press fully automated line for the production of Rear Axle shaft has been released. (Picture is 1250t Hydraulic driven Screw Press) Rear Axle shaft is one of the components for light and heavy truck rear shaft to connecting to the rear tire.

Mechanical horizontal upsetter machine has been in use to forge Rear Axle shaft up to this moment. But material length is very long such as over 1 meter and 4 to 5 steps transfer action Die to Die is require to forge it, so that former mechanical machine cost is high and material handling was difficult and high cost.
Also, Die must be split type so that vertical fin is coming out to the forged items surface.
There was another problems on the Mechanical Upsetter, Hight Die cost, long Die change period,high cost of maintenance, etc.
New system is composed by: (1)Partial heat induction heater 1no.(2)Pre-form upset material making Servoscrew Vertical upsetter 150 to 600ton 1 or 2 nos.(3)Finish upset use Servomotor driven Screw press 1250 to 1600ton 1 no. (PAT) or Hydraulic driven Screw Press 1250ton 1no.(4)CNC material handling Robot 3 to 4 nos.

This new concept deleted the demerit which Mechanical horizontal upsetter is having and production cost can be reduced.Maintenance is very small since by the servomotor driven system.
Light truck called Pick Up Truck is mainly produced in Thailand in Asian region and Enomoto Screw Press fully automated line is already functioning some numbers in proper successful.

Japan domestic facility to make Rear Axle shaft is exhisting some by the Mechanical upsetter machine but most of them is aged now. Our new line is correct and ideal answer to change old line. Hydraulic driven Screw press is static type machine and 1250ton machine is already in work. Construction machine rear axle maximum Dia. 400mm can forge by this machine.
Other Shaft Upsetter machine besides Axle shaft, Servomotor Vertical upsetter machine is recently much installed and increased to install. Low machine price, Low Die cost, easy automation and less maintenance etc. many advantage is in this machine. It is the most ideal machine to replace for Mechanical upsetter.
Average Unit price is 4million US for making Stem Dia. 50mm, Top Dia. 180 to 220mm, length 1000mm.

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